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Supply Chain Training

In order to stay competitive in today’s competitive environment requires skilled practitioners to support the management of complex supply chains. Our Supply Chain Training program meets this need with a series of courses.  We run these courses in conjunction with APICS SCC, Universities and public classes throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Our training program is designed to meet demands of mid-level to snr. Supply Chain practitioners.  Our training equips Supply Chain practitioners with the necessary skills to manage supply chain functions and help advance their careers.

We offer the following training courses:

Training Course Key Learning
Supply Chain Executive Workshop It is a ‘roll-your-sleeves-up’ working session designed to provide executives to work on their on their supply chain. They will take back to the office valuable insights into their supply chain – its performance, its critical success factors, what it looks like, and how it should operate
SCOR Model: Framework Participants gain an understanding of a best practices cross industry approach to improving Supply Chain performance. Participants will be provided with an introduction to the all components of the SCOR® 11 framework (i.e. processes, metrics, best practices and skills)
SCOR Model: Implementation The course is based on Peter Bolstorff’s Supply Chain Excellence (SCE) book.  It navigates though the supply chain improvements roadmap using SCOR framework
SCOR Professional Certification Refresher This training helps participants prepare for the SCOR-P exam
Integrated Business Planning This workshop is a practical guide to designing and implementing an internal collaboration process which would equip the participant with an understanding of how to improve the overall supply chain planning and co-ordination and align the operational activities to business plan.
Supply Chain Risk Management The participants will learn how to assess  supply chains for risk and to integrate supply chain risk management into operations
Supply Chain Performance  Management The participants will learn how to align supply chain performance to meet organisations objectives.  They will also be introduced to key supply chain metrics and best-practice standards to calculate these metrics
Service Delivery Management in the Public Sector Understand the relevance of supply chain thinking to service delivery

An overview of the SCOR® framework; business processes, metrics and best practices

An introduction to the Supply Chain Excellence methodology, with a particular focus on how to:

Classify your service offerings using global cross-industry standards

Utilise tools and techniques required to review your business processes for improvements